Direct Measurement of Electrode Movement During Electrical Discharge Machining by Means of Automatic Discharge Gap Controller
Design and Implementation of Automatic Discharge Gap Controller for a Curved Hole Creating Microrobot with an Electrical Discharge Machining Function
Image Measurement on Curvature Around Seam Line for Motion Control of Laser Welding Robot
Development of a Forging-Type Rapid Prototyping System (Tool Path Generation Considering Deformation Process)
Particle Sorting Using a PZT Jet Pump
Realization of Real-Time Balancing of a Machine Tool Spindle Using Magnetic Fluid
Effect of Nozzle Shape on Micro-Cutting Performance of Thin Metal Sheet by Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser
Robust Digital Control of DC-DC Power Supply with Remote Sensing
Rescheduling of Train Shunting in Railway Stations
Factory Tour of Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.
An Application of the Modified PID Control System for Heat Flow Experiment
A Solution for 2D Rectangular Cutting Stock Problems with 3-Stage Guillotine-Cutting Constraint
Development of High-Acceleration and Ultra-Precision Linear Motor Driven Machining Center and its Characteristics
Basic Study on Laser Forming CAM System for Sheet Material Forming Without Dies or Molds
Optimization of Motion Control in High-Speed Servo Press Line
Surface Inspection of Micro Glass Lens Mold Based on Total Angle Resolved Scattering Characterization
Fabrication of Elbow Pipe by Direct Metal Lamination Using Arc Discharge While Maintaining the Molten Pool in a Horizontal Position
Estimation of Machining Accuracy by Measurement of Surface Texture Pattern
Special Issue on Die and Mold Technology
Congratulations! Best Paper Award 2010
Proposal for Abrasive Layer Fabrication on Thin Wire by Electrical Discharge Machining
Determination of Friction Coefficient in Floating Bush Bearings by Strain Gauge Method
Development of Pneumatic Parallel Force Feedback
A Gravity-Powered Mechanism for Extending the Workspace of a Cable-Driven Parallel Mechanism: Application to the Appearance Modelling of Objects
Motion Control of a Hyper Redundant Manipulator Built by Serially Connecting Many Parallel Mechanism Units with a Few DOF
Calibration Method for a Parallel Mechanism Type Machine Tool by Response Surface Methodology –Consideration via Simulation on a Stewart Platform Mechanism–
Kinematic Analysis and Design of 3-RPSR Parallel Mechanism with Triple Revolute Joints on the Base
Redundant Parallel Mechanism for Haptic Applications
Precision Mechanisms Based on Parallel Kinematics
Special Issue on Parallel Structures in Manufacturing and Robotics
Interactive Design-Assistance System of Machine Tool Structure in Conceptual and Fundamental Design Stage
Machining Porous Calcium Polyphosphate Implants for Tissue Engineering Applications
Simulation of Laser Micromachining in Silica Glass with Absorbent Slurry
Model Based Feedrate Scheduling for Free-Form Surface Machining
Effect of Workpiece Location on Manipulability Measure in 5-Axis-Controlled Machine Tools
Analytical Prediction of Part Dynamics for Machining Stability Analysis
FE Analysis of One-Directional and Elliptical Vibration Cutting Processes
High-Accuracy Machining of Thin-Walled Workpiece by Non-Rotational Tool-Analysis of Machining Accuracy Based on Deflection of Tool and Workpiece Using FEM-
An Accuracy-Prediction Model Taking Tool Deformation and Geometric Machine-Tool Error into Consideration
Trial Surface-Property Prediction in End-Mill Operation
Adaptive Cutting Force Prediction in Milling Processes
On the Role and Potential of Engineering Simulation
Special Issue on Modeling and Simulation of Cutting Process
Online Rescheduling in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Development of Neural-Net-Based Decision Support System for Mattress Patterns Using Particle Swarm Optimization
Dynamic Controls of Genetic Algorithm Scheduling in Supply Chain
Quasi-Minimum Time Trajectory Planning and Experiments for Prototype Direct-Drive Robot Arm Driven by Stepping Motors Using GA
Small Processing Machinery Effectiveness in Micropart Processing and Factory Construction with Desktop Production Equipment
Building of Efficient, Energy-Saving Lines with an Extremely-Compact Machining Center and CNC Lathe
Development of Ultra Slim Utility Type CNC Lathe Adapted to Automation – An Approach to Energy Conservation from Machine Shops –

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