Fujitsu IT Products Ltd. Factory Tour
Man-Machine Interface for Human-Robot Collaborative Cellular Manufacturing System
Control Variables for Food Slicing Supporting Cooking and Improved Operation
Interaction Approach for Movement-Assist Control Using Neural Oscillators
Flexible Sensor for McKibben Pneumatic Artificial Muscle Actuator
Assist Force Control of Smart Suit for Horse Trainers Considering Motion Synchronization
Upper-Limb Power-Assist Control for Agriculture Load Lifting
Muscle Suit Development and Factory Application
Assist Control Method Based on Operating Property for Task from Automated Transfer to Manual Positioning of Flexible Parts
Development of Industry Oriented Power-Assisted System and Comparison with Conventional Machine
Weight-Perception-Based Model of Power Assist System for Lifting Objects
Operational “Feel” Adjustment by Reinforcement Learning for a Power-Assisted Positioning Task
Kinesthetic Assistance for Improving Task Performance -The Case of Window Installation Assist-
Human-Robot Cooperative Handling Using Variable Virtual Nonholonomic Constraint
Skill-Assist Safety and Intelligence Technology
Special Issue on Robotic Technology to Extend Workers’ Physical Abilities and Skills
Factory Tour to ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.
Design of an Automated Container-Handling System in a Seaport Terminal Considering Operating Machine Performance
Processing Micro Reactor by Non-Rotational Cutting Tool with Ultrasonic Vibration
Elementary Study on the Creation of Cross Section’s Changing Holes by Means of Electrical Discharge Machining
Optimization of Double-Sided Polishing Conditions to Achieve High Flatness: Consideration of Relative Motion Direction
Assessment of Mental Stress on Human Operators Induced by the Assembly Support in a Robot-Assisted “Cellular Manufacturing” Assembly System
Proposed Isocontraction Training with Muscle Strengthening and Evaluation Using MR Fluid Brakes
Clinical Tests for Detecting Synergy Movements and Clinical Understanding of Stroke Patients Using PLEMO System with Sensor Grip Device
Robot Vision Technology for Technologizing and Digitalization of Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Skills
Human Blood Pressure Simulation for Stress Analysis in Model of Vasculature Using Photoelastic Effect
Medical and Nuclear Applications of Micro Electron-Beam Linear Accelerator X-Ray Sources
Interference Free Tool Path Generation in Multi-Axis Milling Machine for Orthopedic Surgery
Manufacturing of Artificial Bones Using 3D Inkjet Printing Technology
On-Demand Production of Emulsion Droplets Using Magnetically Driven Microtool
Dental Treatment with Laser Beam -Monitoring Enabling Safe Hard-Tooth-Tissue Removal-
Special Issue on Biomanufacturing
Development of Micro Probe System for Micro Measurement Center
High-Accuracy and Low-Cost Chamfering System by a Material-Handling Robot –Individual Error Compensation Using Image Processing–
In-Process Measurement of Elastic Deformation of a Large Deep-Drawing-Die with Fusion of Experiment and Numerical Analysis
Monitoring and Control of Cutting Forces in Machining Processes: A Review
Nano-Mirror Surface Generation for Hardened Steel Using Ultra-Low Pressure Super-Finishing
Figure Error Control for Microgrooving on Ordinary Lateral Milling Machines Using a Reference Surface to Control Cutting
Status Monitoring of Ultraprecision Machining Using Micro Thermo Sensor and AE Sensor
Sensorless Cutting Force Monitoring Using Parallel Disturbance Observer
On-Machine Measurement of Tool Cutting Edge Profiles
Reduction of Consumed Energy and Control Input Variance in Machine Tool Feed Drives by Contouring Control
Analysis Method of Motion Accuracy Using NC System with Synchronized Measurement of Tool-Tip Position
Development of a High Precision Machining Center and its Motion Accuracy
Development of a High-Performance Spindle for Multitasking Machine Tools
Special Issue on Measurement and Control in Machine Tools and Machining Process
Unmanned Production Using Intelligent Robots
Study on Visual Servosystems for Optical Microscopes to Observe a Moving Microorganism
High Performance Rotary Table for Machine Tool Applications
Precision Positioning Control by Modeling Frictional Behaviors of Linear Ball Guideway

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