Factory Tour of Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd.
A Real-Time Measuring Method of Spindle Center Transition for NC Lathe
Development of a Vibration Suppression GUI Tool Based on Input Preshaping and its Application to Semiconductor Wafer Transfer Robot
Optimization of Design and Production Processes of Dies and Molds in Which CAD/CAM the Core Technology
Powder Laser Sintering RP System (EOSINT): Its Updates and Applications to Product Manufacturing
Forming Type Rapid Prototyping Development – Error Compensation with Shape Measurement –
Development of Unidirectional Fiber Reinforced Product
Development of an Electrode Motion Control Device for Curved Hole Electrical Discharge Machining
Creation of U-Shaped and Skewed Holes by Means of Electrical Discharge Machining Using an Improved Electrode Curved Motion Generator
Experimental Analysis of Chatter Vibration in End-Milling Using Laser Doppler Vibrometers
Tool Life of Small Diameter Ball End Mill for High Speed Milling of Hardened Steel – Effects of the Machining Method and the Tool Materials –
Real-Time Five-Axis Control Based on Digital Copy Milling Concept to Achieve Autonomous Milling
Special Issue on Dies and Molds
Factory Tour of Tamagawa Seiki
Multi-Modal Assembly-Support System for Cell Production
Efficiency Comparison of Cutting Strategies for End Milling Processes Under Feedrate Scheduling
Navigation Using a Laser for a Mobile Robot with a Optical Sensor Array
Grasp Transfer Control Using Cartesian Coordinate Two-Link Robot Arm with Prototype Robot Hand Consisting of Stepping Motors, Gears and Plate Springs
Trajectory Planning of Knife Position of Slitter Robot Based on Identification of Friction and Viscous Damping, and Position Control Experiments
High-Speed Finishing of Hard Gear Teeth with cBN-Tipped Hob
Micropitting Generation Mechanism for Gears
Load Bearing Capacity of Surface-Rolled Sintered Metal Gears
Special Issue on Gear Components and Actuators
Factory Tour to Yamaha Motor
Path Planning Reflecting the Changing Working Environment Through the Cargo Load Placement and Retrieval by Omnidirectional Transporter and Radio Frequency Identification
Realization of Pressfitting by Impact Manipulation Using an Under-Actuated Manipulator
Development of Automatic Inspection System for Full Mold Patterns
Developing Innovative IT-Based Full Mold Casting
Automation of Die Casting
Automation in Green Sand Processing Equipment
Melting Automation Using a Medium-Frequency Induction Furnace
Automation and Process Management in Foundry
Optimum Velocity Control of Die Casting Plunger Accounting for Air Entrapment and Shutting
Development of a Sand Mold Press Casting Process: “Post-Filled Formed Casting Process”
High-Performance Simulation of Mold Filling Using Porous Media Method
Precision Analysis of Automatic Pouring Machines for the Casting Industry
Innovative Automation Technologies and IT Applications of the Metal Casting Process Necessary for the Foundries of the 21st Century
Special Issue on Casting Technology Automation and Control
A Reconfigurable and Modular Open Architecture Controller: the New Frontiers
Non-Contact Guideway for Substrate Transportation by Ultrasonic Oscillation
Mechanism of Thermal Deviation Characteristic in Spindle System of Machine Tools
LCD Microstereolithography of Photosensitive Resin with Functional Particles
Permeability Characteristics and Applications of Plastic Injection Molding Fabricated by Metal Laser Sintering Combined with High Speed Milling
Selective Laser Sintering and Subsequent Gas Nitrocarburizing of Low Carbon Steel Powder
Fabrication of Cooling Channels in the Injection Molding by Laser Metal Sintering
Trial Formation of Artificial Bone by Inkjet Powder-Layered Manufacturing
Special Issue on Rapid Prototying
Factory Tour to INA Facility, Nidec Sankyo
The Development of an Autonomous Mobile Crane System Considering On-Line Obstacle Recognition and Path Planning
Development of Micro Electrical Discharge Machine

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