Development of Simulation Technology for 5-Axis Machines – Verification of Material Removal Model and Collision Avoidance –
Virtual Optimization of Machine Tools and Production Processes
Development of Tool Fabrication CAD/CAM for Conicoid End Mill
Tilted Tool Axis Machining on 5-Axis Machine Tools
High Performance Motion Control of Rotary Table for 5-Axis Machining Centers
Advanced Control Technologies for 5-Axis Machining
Development of High-Speed, High-Precision 5-Axis Integrated Machine Tools
Development of Die Mold Processing Machine with Multi-Spindles and Axes
Optimal Structure Design Methodology for Compound Multiaxis Machine Tools – II
– Investigation of Basic Structure –
Optimal Structure Design Methodology for Compound Multiaxis Machine Tools – I
– Analysis of Requirements and Specifications –
Special Issue on Multiaxis Control and Multitasking Machine Tools
Research and Commercialization of SCARA Robot –The Case of Industry-University Joint Research and Development–
The Impact of Guide Path Configurations on Performance of an Integrated Automated Guided Vehicle System Using Coloured Petri Net
Rapid Generation of Surface Dimples Using End Milling
An Economic/Lead-Time Design Comparison and Map for Central Server Systems Including FMS
Feeding Submillimeter Microparts Along a Saw-Tooth Surface Using Only Horizontal Vibration: Effects of Saw-Tooth Pitch, Vibration Frequency, and Humidity
Dynamic Analysis of One-Link Robot Arm Driven by Stepping Motor Using Microstep Drive and Harmonic Reduction Gear
Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation (HILS) Based Design and Evaluation of an Intelligent Gantry Crane System
Transition Toward the Highly Advanced Technology for Automated Warehouse System
In Celebration of the Foundation of “International Journal of Automation Technology”
In Celebration of the New “International Journal of Automation Technology”
Publishing in International Journal of Automation Technology
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