Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Controlled Machining of Free-Form Surfaces Using a Barrel Tool Considering Continuity of Tool Postures
Flexible Fiber Conditioner for Fine Conditioning of Polishing Pad and its Evaluation in Chemical Mechanical Polishing: Verification of SUS-FFC on Soft Urethane Foam Pad and Proposal of PEEK-FFC
Fabrication of Release Agent Supply Die with Porous Structure Using Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing
On-Machine Estimation of Workholding State for Thin-Walled Parts
Statistical Modelling of Machining Error for Model-Based Elastomer End-Milling
Fast Cutter Accessibility Analysis Using Ray Tracing Cores of GPU
A Novel Method for 3D Nanoscale Tracking of 100 nm Polystyrene Particles in Multi-Wavelength Evanescent Fields Microscopy – Absolute Difference Height Verification –
Feasibility Study of Performance Assessment Gauge for Freeform Measurement
Reversing Behavior of Planetary Gear Train Influenced by Support Stiffness of Driving Shaft
Optimization of Cutting Tool Allocation to Enhance Workload Balance and Total Completion Time in Parallel-Type FMS
Surrounding Structure Estimation Using Ambient Light
Comparison of Two Parallel Offsetting Algorithms Free from Conflicts Between Threads
Realization of Swing Manipulation by 3-DOF Robot Arm for Unknown String via Parameter Estimation and Motion Generation
Simulation of Energy Consumption During Machine Tool Operations Based on NC Data
Reconfigurable Production Line Design Method for Human Workers – Robotic Cell Collaborated Line Considering Worker’s Attitude Toward Work
Special Issue on Advanced Precision Engineering for Digital Transformation
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2021
Theoretical Verification of Film Forming in Local Electroplating Process with Electrolyte Suction Tool
High Speed Machining of Inconel 718 with High Pressure Coolant Focusing on Material Structures of CBN Tools
Automated Tool Path Generation for Roughing Using Flat Drill
The Detection of Unfused Powder in EBM and SLM Additive Manufactured Components
Method of Priority Order for Simultaneous Solar-Derived Power Usage at a Solar-Powered House and Neighborhood
Model-Based Deterioration Estimation with Cyber Physical System
Environmentally Sound Recovery of Gold from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Using Organic Aqua Regia
Environmental and Economic Evaluation of a Mechanical Biological Treatment System for a Small and Medium-Sized Waste Treatment Facility Considering the Karatsu Smart Disaster-Resilience Base Construction Project
Evaluation of Environmental Impact of Car Sharing in Consideration of Uncertainty of Influential Variables
Copper/Silver Recovery from Photovoltaic Panel Sheet by Electrical Dismantling Method
Durability Evaluation of an Additive Manufactured Biodegradable Composite with Continuous Natural Fiber in Various Conditions Reproducing Usage Environment
Estimation of In-Process Power Consumption in Face Milling by Specific Energy Consumption Models
Task Scheduling of Material-Handling Manipulator for Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Flow-Type FMS
Remanufacturing Option Selection with Disassembly for Recovery Rate and Profit
Decision Support Method for Upgrade Cycle Planning and Product Architecture Design of an Upgradable Product
Packaging Evaluation of Consumer Electronics Products from Economic, Logistical, and Environmental Perspectives
Defining Requirements on Technology Systems Assessment from Life Cycle Perspectives: Cases on Recycling of Photovoltaic and Secondary Batteries
Data Assimilation Mechanism for Lifecycle Simulation Focusing on Process Behaviors
The Impact of Recyclable Waste Trade Restrictions on Producer Recycling Activities
Activities of Circular Economy in Japan – Towards Global Multi-Value Circulation –
Potential Impacts of the European Union’s Circular Economy Policy on Japanese Manufacturers
Special Issue on Design and Manufacturing for Environmental Sustainability
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2020
Automated Process Planning System for End Milling Operation Constrained by Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
Study on Infrared Transmittance of Si-Polymer Hybrid Structure Press Molded Using a Coupling Agent
Micro Fabrication of Au Thin-Film by Transfer-Printing Using Atomic Diffusion Bonding
Recognition of Transient Environmental Sounds Based on Temporal and Frequency Features
Gap Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network and Adaptive Control in Robotic Plasma Welding
Unrelated Parallel-Machine Scheduling with Maintenance Activities and Rejection Penalties for Minimizing Total Cost
Effects of Blade Tip Profile on In-Plane Tensile Properties of Wedge-Notched Polypropylene Sheet
New Magnetic Abrasive Finishing for Alumina Ceramic Plane Using Alternating Magnetic Fields
Ridge-Texturing for Wettability Modification by Using Angled Fine Particle Peening
Concentric Mutual Lapping to Improve Sliding Surface Function of SiC Ceramics

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