Solid Fraction Examination at Flow Cessation and Flow Cessation Mechanism of Al-Si-Mg Alloy
Relationship Between Forced Vibration Method and Residual Stress in Die Materials
Improved Algorithm to Trace Boundary Curves on Two-Dimensional Square Meshes
Tool Path Generation for 5-Axis Rough Cutting Using Haptic Device
Transcriptional Characteristics of Quadrant Glitches on Machined Surface – Influence of Tool Diameter and Feed Rate –
Continuous Efforts Leads to a Value for Hypertensive Patients: Development of a Casual Smart Na/K Meter and Smart Na/K Application Linked by NFC to Android
Text Mining to Support Consulting Services for Client Company State Recognition
Patterns for Living Lab Practice: Describing Key Know-How to Promote Service Co-Creation with Users
Simultaneous Determination of Theatrical Casting and Ticket Distribution Using Scheduling Auction
Development of Production Internet Framework for Value Creation
Computational Study on Strategyproofness of Resource Matching in Crowdsourced Manufacturing
Collaboration Strategy for a Decentralized Supply Chain Using Linear Physical Programming
Automatic Construction of Virtual Supply Chain as Multi-Agent System Using Enterprise E-Catalogues
Digital Twin of Artifact Systems: Models Assimilated with Monitoring Data from Material Microstructures to Social Systems
Ontological Descriptions for Integrating Design Information of Product-Service Systems
A Strategic Design Guideline for Open Business Models
Special Issue on Value Creation in Production
Machine Tool Assignment Realized by Automated NC Program Generation and Machining Time Prediction
Formal Tools for Management of Manufacturing Systems: A Multi Agents System Approach
Improved Method for Synchronizing Motion Accuracy of Linear and Rotary Axes Under Constant Feed Speed Vector at End Milling Point – Investigation of Motion Error Under NC-Commanded Motion –
Generation of a High-Precision Digital Elevation Model for Fields in Mountain Regions Using RTK-GPS
Changes in Surface Roughness Caused by Electrical Discharge Coating
Effects of O2 Fine Bubbles on ELID Grinding Using Conductive Rubber Bond Grinding Wheel
Studies on Eco-Friendly Grinding with an Extremely Small Amount of Coolant – Applicability of Contact-Type Flexible Brush-Nozzle –
Micro-End-Milling with Small Diameter Left Hand Helical Tool for High Quality Vertical Wall Machining
Machining Process for a Thin-Walled Workpiece Using On-Machine Measurement of the Workpiece Compliance
Ball Burnishing of Mg Alloy Using a Newly Developed Burnishing Tool with On-Machine Force Control
Improvement of Reverse Motion of an NC Moving Table Based on Vector Control Method by Friction Force Compensation
Thermal Characteristics of Spindle Supported with Water-Lubricated Hydrostatic Bearings
Effect of CAD/CAM Post Process on S-Shaped Machining Test for Five-Axis Machining Center
Improvement of Simultaneous 5-Axis Controlled Machining Accuracy by CL-Data Modification
Tool Orientation Angle Optimization for a Multi-Axis Robotic Milling System
Congratulations! The Best Paper Award 2019
Special Issue on the Latest Machine Tool Technologies and Manufacturing Processes
Orientation Compensation of an Inchworm Stage with Optical Navigation
Ultrasonic Vibration-Assisted Extrusion of Metal Powder Suspension for Additive Manufacturing
One Action Press Forming of Helix Bevel Gear by Using Multi-Cylinder Press and Die Heating System
Scribing Characteristics of Glass Plate with Ground PCD Scribing Wheel
Machinability of Thermo-Plastic Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic in Inclined Planetary Motion Milling
Precision Forming and Machining Technologies for Ceramic-Based Components
Nesting Scheduling in Sheet Metal Processing Based on Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithm in Different Environments
Improvement of Transfer Durability of a Pillar-Shaped Release-Agent-Free Replica Mold in Ultraviolet Nanoimprint Lithography
Investigation of Strain Hardening in Aluminum Alloy Sheared Sheet Based on Microhardness Measurement and FEM Analysis
Square Layout Four-Point Method for Two-Dimensional Profile Measurement and Self-Calibration Method of Zero-Adjustment Error
Motion Accuracy Enhancement of Five-Axis Machine Tools by Modified CL-Data
Milling Process Monitoring Based on Vibration Analysis Using Hilbert-Huang Transform
Special Issue on Progress of Manufacturing Technology
Error Estimation of Machined Surfaces in Multi-Axis Machining with Machine Tool Errors Including Tool Self-Intersecting Motion Based on High-Accuracy Tool Swept Volumes
Highly Dynamic Spindle Integrated Magnet Actuators for Chatter Reduction
Simulation-Based Dimensioning of the Required Actuator Force for Active Vibration Control

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