Posture Evaluation Based on Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics of Parallel Link Type Machine Tool
Development of a Sharp-Tipped L-Shaped Stylus for Measurement of Nanoscale Sidewall Features
Examination of Hemispherical Shell Stator for Lightweight Spherical Ultrasonic Motor
Development of Bipolar Electrostatic Chuck with a Beam-Array Assembly Fabricated by Lithography
Bipolar Electrostatic Driving of Isolated Micro-Resonator for Sensing High Voltage of Battery Output with Resolution
Control of Spindle Position and Stiffness of Aerostatic-Bearing-Type Air Turbine Spindle
Design and Fabrication of Micro Gripper Using Functional Fluid Power
Model Predictive Displacement Control Tuning for Tap-Water-Driven Artificial Muscle by Inverse Optimization with Adaptive Model Matching and its Contribution Analyses
Pneumatically-Controlled Linear Actuator Using Pressure-Resistant, Thin-Walled Metal Bellows and its Application
Food Texture Measurement System Using Rod Type Actuator for Imitation of Human Mastication
New Control Parametrization Strategy for Flexible Feed Drives
Magnetic Levitation Technology for Precision Motion Systems: A Review and Future Perspectives
Special Issue on State-of-the-Art Actuators: Design, Analysis, Control, Materials, Systems, and Applications
Electrical System Design and Fault Analysis of Machine Tool Based on Automatic Control
A Study on Optimal Voltage of Electromagnet for Precision Measuring Robot During Surface Roughness Measurement by Vibration Analysis
Measurement Range Expansion of Chromatic Confocal Probe with Supercontinuum Light Source
Generation Method of Cutting Tool Paths for High-Speed and High-Quality Machining of Free-Form Surfaces
Optimization in Milling of Polymer Materials for High Quality Surfaces
Study on the SUAM Double Magnet System for Polishing
First Step Toward Laser Micromachining Realization by Photonic Nanojet in Water Medium
Morphology of Cleaved Surface and Observation of In Situ Crack Propagation During Cleaving
Machinability Investigation for Cellulose Nanofiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite by Ultraprecision Diamond Turning
Control of Fine Cutting Chips to Improve the Processing Environment in CFRP Drilling
Effect of Vibration Direction of Ultrasonic Vibrating Cutting Edge on Internal Stress Fluctuation of Workpiece
Machining Temperature and Accuracy of Magnesium Alloy AZ31 with Deep-Hole Small Drilling
Analytical Model for Studying the Influence of Thickness on the Protective Effect
Change in Edge Radius of Cutting Tool from Surface Tension Between Solid Materials
Development of High-Performance Polycrystalline CVD Diamond-Coated Cutting Tools Using Femtosecond Lasers
Improvement of Machining Accuracy Through Support Method Using Magnetic Elastomer
Influence of Configuration Error in Bolted Joints on Detection Error of Clamp Force Detection Method
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlSi12CuNi Alloy Fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Process
Special Issue on Advanced Manufacturing Science and Technologies
Measurement and Compensation of Tool Contour Error Using White Light Interferometry for Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning of Freeform Surfaces
Effective Optical System Assembly Using Ultra-Precise Manufactured References
Study of the Warp Removal Process for a Thin Substrate: Development of a Correction Processing System Using a Freezing Pin Chuck
Hydraulic Micro Device with Force Sensing for Measurement of Mechanical Characteristics
Experimental Analysis and Anti-Sway Control of Jigiri Behavior in a Nursing Lift
Study on the Creation of Fine Periodic Structure on V-Shaped Groove with Short-Pulsed Laser
Influence of Grooved Plate Cross-Sectional Shape on Bending Phenomena in Laser-Quenching Forming Process
Porosity and Tensile Properties of Rhizoid Porous Structure Fabricated Using Selective Laser Melting
Generation of Biocompatible Titanium Alloy Surfaces Including Calcium and Phosphorus Elements by Laser-Induced Mist Spraying Wet Treatment
Evolution of Chip-Deformation Mechanisms with Increasing Temperature in Laser-Assisted Microcutting of Amorphous Alloy
A Novel Platform for Smart 3D Manufacturing System
Effects of Pulse Duration and Heat on Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures
Fabrication of a Two-Dimensional Diffraction Grating with Isolated Photoresist Pattern Structures
Processing with Application of High-Power Semiconductor Laser – Theoretical Analysis of Heat Source and Application to Surface Processing –
Special Issue on Laser-Based/Assisted Manufacturing
Influencing Factors on Rotate Vector Reducer Dynamic Transmission Error
Determination of the Efficiency of the Operation Mode of Nonflowing Installation for Electroactivation of Water and Aqueous Solutions
Compensation for Thermal Deformation of a Compact Lathe in Cutting Operations Using a Coolant Fluid with Temperature Measurements at a Few Specific Points

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