Measurement and Compensation of Tool Contour Error Using White Light Interferometry for Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning of Freeform Surfaces
Effective Optical System Assembly Using Ultra-Precise Manufactured References
Study of the Warp Removal Process for a Thin Substrate: Development of a Correction Processing System Using a Freezing Pin Chuck
Hydraulic Micro Device with Force Sensing for Measurement of Mechanical Characteristics
Experimental Analysis and Anti-Sway Control of Jigiri Behavior in a Nursing Lift
Study on the Creation of Fine Periodic Structure on V-Shaped Groove with Short-Pulsed Laser
Influence of Grooved Plate Cross-Sectional Shape on Bending Phenomena in Laser-Quenching Forming Process
Porosity and Tensile Properties of Rhizoid Porous Structure Fabricated Using Selective Laser Melting
Generation of Biocompatible Titanium Alloy Surfaces Including Calcium and Phosphorus Elements by Laser-Induced Mist Spraying Wet Treatment
Evolution of Chip-Deformation Mechanisms with Increasing Temperature in Laser-Assisted Microcutting of Amorphous Alloy
A Novel Platform for Smart 3D Manufacturing System
Effects of Pulse Duration and Heat on Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures
Fabrication of a Two-Dimensional Diffraction Grating with Isolated Photoresist Pattern Structures
Processing with Application of High-Power Semiconductor Laser – Theoretical Analysis of Heat Source and Application to Surface Processing –
Special Issue on Laser-Based/Assisted Manufacturing
Influencing Factors on Rotate Vector Reducer Dynamic Transmission Error
Determination of the Efficiency of the Operation Mode of Nonflowing Installation for Electroactivation of Water and Aqueous Solutions
Compensation for Thermal Deformation of a Compact Lathe in Cutting Operations Using a Coolant Fluid with Temperature Measurements at a Few Specific Points
Universal Design Considering Physical Characteristics of Diverse Users
Riding Motion Capture System Using Inertial Measurement Units with Contact Constraints
Development of Human Tongue Model for Mealtime Assistant Training Using Oral Care Simulation Model
An Interactive Endotracheal Suctioning Simulator Which Exhibits Vital Reactions: ESTE-SIM
Associating 2D Sketch Information with 3D CAD Models for VR/AR Viewing During Bridge Maintenance Process
Developing a Support System for Loading Planning
Estimating 3D Position of Strongly Occluded Object with Semi-Real Time by Using Auxiliary 3D Points in Occluded Space
Designing Haptics: Improving a Virtual Reality Glove with Respect to Realism, Performance, and Comfort
Special Issue on Augmented Prototyping and Fabrication for Advanced Product Design and Manufacturing
Friction Reduction by Micro-Textured Surfaces in Lubrication
Prediction of the Tensile Thermal Stress Generation Conditions for Laser Irradiation of Thin Plate Glass with Forced Cooling Based on the Plane Stress Model
Angle Detection Using a Continuously Rotating Gyro for Large Scale Profile Evaluation – Reversal Measurement for Eliminating Gyro Drift –
Mirror Surface Machining of Steel by Elliptical Vibration Cutting with Diamond-Coated Tools Sharpened by Pulse Laser Grinding
Filter Design of Adjusting Common Phase for Vibration Suppression Control of Multi-Degree-of Freedom System
Consideration of Tacit Knowledge Sharing by Automation for Reinforcement of Human Abilities: Empirical Comparison of Conservation Techniques Between Japan and Denmark
Visualization of Acquisition Experience in Sternal Compression Maneuver Using Kinect Sensoring: For Co-Creation of Medical Technique Experiential Values
Skill Extraction from Nursing Care Service Using Sliding Sheet
Usability Analysis of Information on Worker’s Hands in Animated Assembly Manuals
Proposal for a Design Theory of a Database for Skill Learning from the Viewpoint of Service
Machine Tool Service for Mass-Production Machining Systems
Collaboration Challenges in Digital Service Innovation Projects
Development of Fluffy Screen System and Field Trial at a Shopping Mall
A Study on Support Method of Consulting Service Using Text Mining
Modeling and Analysis of a Closed-Loop Supply Chain in Consideration of Extra Demand
Equilibrium Analysis of Service Ecosystems for Labor-Intensive Services Using Multi-Agent Simulation
Multiproduct Traditional Japanese Cuisine Restaurant Improves Labor Productivity by Changing Cooking Processes According to Service Product Characteristics
Special Issue on Service Engineering
Line-Based Planar Structure Extraction from a Point Cloud with an Anisotropic Distribution
Analysis and Control of Pouring Ladle with Weir for Sloshing and Volume-Moving Vibration in Pouring Cut-Off Process
Technological Development of Fluid Control Within Metal Mold for Application to Family Mold of Resin Part
Development of Ultralow-Cost Machine Vision System
1/N Machine System for the Lean Factory

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