Development of Tool Shape Estimation Method Integrating Multidirectional Optical Measurement
Hilbert-Huang Transform Analysis of Machining Stability in Ball-Nose End-Milling of Curved Surface
Development of Scanning Line Tool Path Generation Algorithm Using Boundary Position Information of Approximate Polyhedron of Complex Molds
Investigation of Temperature-Induced Errors in XCT Metrology
Thermal Error Minimization of a Turning-Milling Center with Respect to its Multi-Functionality
Investigation of Internal Thread Cutting Phenomena in Three Axes by Controlling Helical Interpolate Motion Considering Tool Position Information from Servo-Drive
Machining Time Reduction by Tool Path Modification to Eliminate Air Cutting Motion for End Milling Operation
Solution of the Rectangular Strip Packing Problem Considering a 3-Stage Guillotine Cutting Constraint with Finite Slitter Blades
Development of an Additive Manufactured Artifact to Characterize Unfused Powder Using Computed Tomography
Calibration Method of Parallel Mechanism Type Machine Tools
Simultaneous Constant Velocity Measurement of the Motion Errors of Linear Axes
Automating Accuracy Evaluation of 5-Axis Machine Tools
Identification Method of Error Motions and Geometric Errors of a Rotary Axis by R-Test
Dynamic Interaction Between Precision Machine Tools and Their Foundations
Machining Tests to Evaluate Machine Tool Thermal Displacement in Z-Direction: Proposal to ISO 10791-10
Impact of Model Complexity in the Monitoring of Machine Tools Condition Using Volumetric Errors
A Digital Perspective on Machine Tool Calibration
Special Issue on Machine Accuracy Evaluation
Feasibility Study of a Hybrid Spindle System with Ball and Active Magnetic Bearings for Quadrant Glitch Compensation During End Milling
Promotion of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Towards Innovative Manufacturing Process: Case Study of New Hybrid Coating Process
MPCC-Based Set Point Optimisation for Machine Tools
Using Ultraprecision Machining to Fabricate LED Packaging Exhibiting High Luminous Intensity
Effective Neighborhood Generation Method in Search Algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
Modeling Approach for Estimation of Contact and Friction Behavior of Rolling Elements in Linear Bearings
Development of Innovative Intelligent Machine Tool Based on CAM-CNC Integration Concept – Adaptive Control Based on Predicted Cutting Force –
Development of Path Generation Method for Five-Axis 3D Printer
Shape Contraction in Sintering of 3D Objects Fabricated via Metal Material Extrusion in Additive Manufacturing
Review of Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for 3D Metal Printing
Graded Inconel 625 – SUS316L Joint Fabricated Using Directed Energy Deposition
Formation Mechanism of Pores Inside Structure Fabricated by Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing
Special Issue on Additive Manufacturing with Metals
Basic Study on Remelting Process to Enhance Density of Inconel 625 in Direct Energy Deposition
Development of a Straight Fibers Pneumatic Muscle
Evaluation of Holding Force on Six-D.o.F Surgical Assist Arm with Sphere Joints and Inner-Outer Cables
A 3D Shape-Measuring System for Assessing Strawberry Fruits
3D Modeling of Lane Marks Using a Combination of Images and Mobile Mapping Data
Curb Detection and Accessibility Evaluation from Low-Density Mobile Mapping Point Cloud Data
Evaluation of Classification Performance of Pole-Like Objects from MMS Images Using Convolutional Neural Network and Image Super Resolution
Polygonization of Point Cloud of Tunnels Using Lofting Operation
Application of Stochastic Point-Based Rendering to Laser-Scanned Point Clouds of Various Cultural Heritage Objects
Development of Curvature Gap Estimation System for Deciding Thermal Forming Instructions of Ship Curved Shell Plates Using Laser Scanner
Special Issue on Large-Scale Point Cloud Processing
Efficient Registration of Laser-Scanned Point Clouds of Bridges Using Linear Features
Tool to Make Shopping Experience Responsive to Customer Emotions
Research on Willingness to Pay of Internet of Vehicles
Scheduling Algorithms Using Metaheuristics for Production Processes with Crane Interference
Predicting Residual Weld Stress Distribution with an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System
Comparing Vibration Sensor Positions in CNC Turning for a Feasible Application in Smart Manufacturing System
Artificial Neural Networks for Tool Wear Prediction Based on Sensor Fusion Monitoring of CFRP/CFRP Stack Drilling
Special Issue on Intelligent Computation in Design and Manufacturing

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