Design of an Intelligent Greenhouse Remote Control System Based on a Fuzzy Neural Network
Study on Polishing Method Using Magnetic Levitation Tool in Superconductive-Assisted Machining
Profile Measurement Using Confocal Chromatic Probe on Ultrahigh Precision Machine Tool
Forward Kinematics Model for Evaluation of Machining Performance of Robot Type Machine Tool
Predicting Positioning Error and Finding Features for Large Industrial Robots Based on Deep Learning
Offline Direct Teaching for a Robotic Manipulator in the Computational Space
Deburring of Resin Molded Products by Sensorless Shape-Tracing Deburring Technology (On the Principle of Sensorless Shape-Tracing Deburring)
Localization System for Indoor Mobile Robot Using Large Square-Shaped Reflective Marker
An Ontology-Based Method for Semi-Automatic Disassembly of LCD Monitors and Unexpected Product Types
Planning to Flip Heavy Objects Considering Soft-Finger Contacts
Automated Process Planning System for End-Milling Operation by CAD Model in STL Format
Automated Screwing of Fittings in Pneumatic Manifolds
Special Issue on Application of Robot and AI
Adaptive Sliding Mode Fault-Tolerant Control for Uncertain Systems with Time Delay
Design of Lightweight Cutting Tools
Utilization of CFRP in High-Speed Stamping Presses and its Gigacycle Fatigue Testing at Resonance Frequency
Latest Machine Tool Structural Design Technology for Ultra-Precision Machining
Evaluation of Machine Tool Spindle Using Carbon Fiber Composite
Driving Performance of Natural Fiber Gears Made Only from Bamboo Fibers Extracted with a Machining Center
Evaluation of Dynamic Characteristics of a Hybrid Guideway System
Investigation of Production of Nanofiber Nonwoven Fabric and its Thermal Properties
Special Issue on Advanced Material Driven Design of Machine Tools
Effect of Tool Rake Angle and Crystal Orientation on Ductile Mode Cutting of Hard/Brittle Materials
Surface Formation Behaviors in Wavy Microgroove Cutting on Various Workpiece Materials
Ultrasonic-Assisted Face Milling for Fabricating Hierarchical Microstructures
Chemical Lift-Off Process Using Acetone Ink for Easy Fabrication of Metallic Nano/Microstructures
Predicting Surface Roughness of Dry Cut Grey Cast Iron Based on Cutting Parameters and Vibration Signals from Different Sensor Positions in CNC Turning
Development of Surface Roughness Generation Model for CFRTP Manufactured by LFT-D
Fabrication of Optimally Micro-Textured Copper Substrates by Plasma Printing for Plastic Mold Packaging
New Droplet Removal Polishing Method for Diamond-Like Carbon with Carbon Fiber Brush
Fabrication of SiO2-ZnO Core-Shell Urchin-Like Structure by Hydrothermal Method Using Self-Assembled Particles as Nuclei and Application to UV-Activated Gas Sensors
Investigation of Corrosion Resistance Enhancement for Biodegradable Magnesium Alloy by Ball Burnishing Process
Fabrication of Poly-Pyrrole Membrane Actuator for Cell Stimulation
Fabrication of Superhydrophobic Stainless Steel Nozzles by Femtosecond Laser Micro-/Nano-Texturing
Functional Superhydrophobic Coating Systems for Possible Corrosion Mitigation
Special Issue on Novel Fabrication Processes for Tailored Functional Materials and Surfaces
Smart Modular Architecture for Supervision and Monitoring of a 4.0 Production Plant
Development of Press Molding Preform Design and Fabrication Method with Unfolded Diagram for CFRP
Nondestructive Inline Inspection of Through-Silicon Vias Based on X-Ray Imaging and its Uncertainty Budget
Accurate Tool Path Generation Method for Large-Scale Discrete Shapes
Skill Abstraction of Physical Therapists in Hemiplegia Patient Rehabilitation Using a Walking Assist Robot
Analysis and Characterization of Machined Surfaces with Aesthetic Functionality
Growth Behavior of Au Films on SiO2 Film and Direct Transfer for Smoothing Au Surfaces
Surface Finishing Method Using Plasma Chemical Vaporization Machining for Narrow Channel Walls of X-Ray Crystal Monochromators
Study on Polishing Characteristics of Pyramidal Structured Polishing Pad
Surface Finishing of Single-Crystal SiC and GaN Wafers Using a Magnetic Tool in H2O2 Solution
Stabilization of Removal Rate in Small Tool Polishing of Glass Lenses
Mirror-Surface Finishing by Integrating Magnetic-Polishing Technology with a Compact Machine Tool
Ultrasonic-Assisted Innovative Polyurethane Tool to Polish Mold Steel
Unidirectional Wetting Surfaces Fabricated by Ultrasonic-Assisted Cutting

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