“Kawaii” as an Affective Value
Prehistory and Episodes of TraFST
Risk Communication on Genetically Modified Organisms
Trunk of Oukan
How the Notion of TRAFST Was Born?
Past, Present, and Future of the “Oukan Rengo,” the Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology
Innovation via Systems Science and Technology
Problem Solving as a National Mission of Science and Technology -Opinions on the Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan
Transdisciplinary Technology for Strengthening Industrial Technology
Complementary Approaches for Designing and Using Complex Artifacts
Innovation and Marketing Paradigm Driven by the New-Generation Internet
View of Artifact
What is Transdisciplinary Science and Technology?
Enhancement of Innovation Capability and the Roll of Transdisciplinary Science and Technology – Creation of Science & Technology to Build-up Japan in the 21st Century –

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