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Towards Context-Aware Knowledge Management in e-Enterprises

Weihong Huang

Centre for Internet Computing, The University of Hull, Scarborough Campus, Filey Road, Scarborough, YO11 3AZ, U.K.

Received: October 26, 2004

Accepted: November 12, 2004

Keywords: context, knowledge management, context knowledge grid, knowledge interoperation

Journal ref: Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics, Vol.9, No.1 pp. 39-45, 2005


To reduce the negative impact of knowledge loss and to improve knowledge reuse effectiveness in knowledge management in e-Enterprises, this paper presents a context-aware approach to facilitate managing various types of static enterprise information and dynamic process information. Proposed approach features representing and integrating information at different conceptual levels to present contextual knowledge in an open environment. In this paper, we redefine the concept of context in intelligent systems and propose a set of meta-information elements for context description in business environments. In realising the context-awareness in knowledge management, we present a context knowledge structure model and look into the corresponding context knowledge storage and reuse solutions. To enhance context-aware knowledge management for e-Businesses over the global network, we introduce a new concept of Context Knowledge Grid with a layered knowledge interoperation reference model, which are supposed to leverage the contextual knowledge in e-Enterprises and enable interoperation with other knowledge frameworks such as the Semantic Web and the Semantic Grid.
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