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A Network Programming Framework in Haskell Based on Asynchronous Localized pi-calculus

Keigo Imai ,Shoji Yuen ,Kiyoshi Agusa

Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya University




Journal ref: IPSJ Transactions on Programming, Vol.47, No.16 pp. 10-28, 2006


We propose an embedding of the typed Asynchronous Localized pi-calculus (ALpi) into the programming language Haskell as a framework for network programming. The framework has following advantages due to the embedded language nature: (1) the framework is robust due to being built upon the Haskell framework, and (2) the framework can incorporate various Haskell language elements, such as literals, types, and functions, in the framework. Moreover, the limitation of mobility in ALpi simplifies the implementation of the framework. ALpi processes are implemented by means of a Haskell monad called PiMonad. As the result, side-effects caused by communications are distinguished by the tags of PiMonad in typing. The subtyping relations is realized by multi-parameter type classes in Haskell, where a pair of subtype-related types belongs to three binary type classes reflecting the directions of communication. We illustrate the usefulness and benefits of our framework with an example of an implementation of instance messenger application over TCP/IP network.


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